Thank you for your interest in becoming a Vespa / Piaggio dealer. Our mission is to create a dealer network capable of providing Vespa / Piaggio customers with a superior experience in sales, service and support of our products.


Our market representation strategy is to partner with qualified dealer candidates located in selected markets that are currently under-served by our existing dealer network. Each authorized Vespa / Piaggio dealer operates under a motor vehicle dealership sales and service agreement with Piaggio Group Americas Inc. to retail the worlds finest motor scooters and accessories available today.


There are several important qualifying factors to be considered for a new dealership, including mangagement, capital and facility. Each new dealer applicant must possess a strong passion for the Vespa product family, a business background, financial capability and a desire to establish a dealership in a location that is highly ranked in our market studies.


Our ideal dealer candidate will possess all of the following credentials:


  • Leadership level experience in an established retail sales & service dealership
  • A verifiable track record of success in providing the highest level of customer service & satisfaction in a retail vehicle dealership business
  • The commitment and resources necessary to market & represent our products to a rapidly expanding and diverse customer population
  • Entrepreneurial excellence


The first step to be considered for a new dealership is to complete the web-based application to "Become a Dealer".


Use Web base application





Please provide information in every category of the application, as applicable. Place special emphasis on the narrative section of the application, which provides you an opportunity to tell us about yourself, your company and your proposed operation. We recommend that you print a copy of the completed application for your records prior to submitting it to Piaggio Group Americas Inc..


Each new dealer application will be thoroughly reviewed by a member of the Piaggio Group Americas Inc. Dealer Development team. When we receive your application, we will:


  • Respond to you via email to verify that we have received your dealer application (if you do not receive this confirmation email, please re-enter and submit the application again).
  • Research and rank your desired location for sales and market penetration potential
  • Review your skills, experience and credentials relative to our selection criteria noted herein
  • Identify the proximity of our current dealer network relative to your proposed dealership location

If your credentials and location meet our selection criteria, you will be directly contacted by a member of our Dealer Development team to engage in further discussion about your application. We will make every effort to respond to each new applicant, but please be aware that we receive a very high volume of new dealer inquiries and it is simply not possible for us to personally respond to all applicants.


We trust you understand that under no circumstances does the submission of your dealer application to Piaggio Group Americas Inc., or its subsequent review and processing, imply, in any manner, our intent to accept you as a dealer and enter into a Dealer Agreement with you.


The investment requirements vary greatly based on location, facility, permits, signage, point-of-sale system, adequate operational cash reserves and other start up costs. Piaggio Group Americas Inc. does not require a fee for obtaining a Vespa / Piaggio dealership.


Once again, thank you for your interest and passion for Vespa. We look forward to receiving your dealer application.